Wednesday, December 9, 2015

When you Wake up I Hope you Stay Woke: The Supreme Court's Hearing on One Person One Vote....All Residents or Eligible Residents

People are expressing their outburst over what Trump is spewing out of his mouth. Most are talking about his radical malicious views; his continuous hatred toward Muslims and Immigrants. While we agree with you all TRUMP IS CRAZY out of his mind we want to shed light on what is going on in the “real world”….. the world of policy and the Supreme Court. Trump has taken over all of the newspaper outlets and he has somehow invited himself in our home on our televisions with our permission. While Trump has taken over media the Supreme Court has been going to work on two MAJOR cases that can affect United States citizens even more than Trump! The first case we will discuss here deals with one person one vote. The main question before the court in the case of Evenwel v. Abbott is who should be counted in voting districts……all residents or eligible residents?

What’s the difference you might ask? All residents include everyone who lives in the area outlined by the district. “Eligible Residents” on the other hand are people who are deemed fit to vote. So whom does that exclude? Unauthorized immigrants, felons, current prisoners, children, authorized immigrants who are here legally but not allowed to vote.

This shouldn’t matter much right? Or better yet you might be asking yourself “what does that have to do with me?” EVERYTHING. Look in your community, lets use the urban communities for example, who are the residents of urban communities? Now ask yourself are all the residents in urban communities “eligible” under the definition we just gave? This law has the power to shift the country with the change of ONE word “All” to “Eligible”. Urban communities will shift, as they will lose their district numbers because the populations in the community encompass MOST of the folks who are deemed “ineligible”.

Let us break this down for you even further since you all were so concerned about Trump and his insidious statements……..If the Supreme Court votes in favor of “Eligible Residents” this will shift the power dynamics increasing the amount of republican voters and decreasing the amount of democratic voters. It wont matter how CRAZY Trump is….If districts are being reorganized to disqualify “ineligible” voters then Republicans will have higher numbers since most people who are deemed “ineligible” associate themselves with the democratic party.

Lets take this a step further….. what group of people are included in “eligible voters”. What they mean are non-WHITE voters. Texas is proposing that their voters of color do not matter especially because they can’t vote anyway so why should they be counted in the population?

This is what Social policy looks like. Breaking down the issue to the core and figuring out how major case decisions and policies will affect the country.

We live in a country that continues to denounce the humanity of people of color and people in vulnerable positions. This case is asking us NOT to count the amount of children in our communities which will the shift the amount of funding our children will get for education. What’s even more disappointing is that we have been spending most of our time looking at TRUMP when Trump is no different from the lawyers who are bringing this case before the court. While we are outraged by Trump’s remarks, we should show the same outrage for the current case amongst the Supreme Court, which can alter democracy indefinitely.

It is time to wake up………….pay attention to what matters..........and when you wake up....I hope you STAY WOKE.

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